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Can't read the label on your skin products?  Green rule of thumb for both food and bodycare: if you can't pronounce what it's made out of, don't use it!  You have an affordable choice, switch from synthetic ingredients to our green, plant-based, paraben-free botanical products that achieve results naturally.  

You are what you wear, and your skin is a reflection of how you take care of it.  Keeping in mind that what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your body, our products are preservative-free, sulfate-free and contain no propylene glycol, petroleum, mineral oil or animal-based ingredients.

BodyVerde's natural balanced skincare is good for you and good for the earth. We use:

  • Nourishing flower extracts, plant and sea extracts
  • Vitamins and antioxidants from super berry extracts
  • Emollient-rich olive and sunflower oils, shea butter

Pore Minimizer and Primer


My son has very bad dry skin. I have tried many Rx and OTC creams for him. I figured when I bought Fresh Skin Rx I would just add it to the pile of what doesn't work. I was so wrong.  This product is great!!  It worked!! My son's skin is great, not all dry and cracked like past years. You must buy this cream!!!

— Lisa – Central Jersey

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